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Our High-Performance Labor Solution

The foundation of Insource’s performance-based flexible labor solution revolves around aligning with our customers' corporate objectives. By leveraging our engineering and operational resources, Insource provides a pricing and performance management model that aligns our flexible workforce with the key performance indicators most important to the success of the operation.

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The Insource Difference

Performance Pricing

Temporary staffing models price labor on an hourly mark-up with no clear accountability for performance. Insource will identify a unit of measure within the operation and commit to a price directly associated with the selected metric. This pricing strategy creates accountability as Insource is financially responsible for operating below the established price.

Performance Management

Performance-pay plans reinforce our alignment by building morale, reducing turnover, and boosting productivity. Insource designs custom incentive pay plans around the performance metrics important to our customers. Insource associates are measured and rewarded on objective criteria such as: good attendance, achieving safety and quality goals, and achieving productivity standards. 

Engineering Resources

Insource has a team of Industrial Engineers that support every aspect of our business relationships. Our engineers perform labor assessments, develop pricing, create visual work instructions, document training procedures, and design candidate profiles. They also provide additional support to our customers for 5S or rapid improvement projects.

Floor Supervision

As the point of contact for the customer, our operations managers are critical to achieving performance goals and relieving the customer from the daily burden of training new associates, managing staffing levels, and handling administrative tasks. The presence of floor supervision also removes co-employment risk and OSHA liabilities from the customer.

At Insource, we understand the cost pressures faced by operations executives – specifically the role labor productivity and flexibility play in the equation. We value a relationship of shared success that relies on executing labor intensive processes – better, faster, and cheaper.Examining the Profitability of Tempo Employees: A Checklist