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Manufacturing Production Assembly

A major automotive engine manufacturer has long used temporary staffing agencies for workforce flexibility.

manufacturing labor case study


The engine manufacturer gained flexibility from the staffing agencies but immediately experienced:

  • Poor quality from the contingent workforce
  • Increased costs due to lower productivity and constant training of new temps
  • Floor level management had to increase focus on the contingent workforce instead of their own employees and overall operation


The temporary agency is replaced with an Insource performance-based labor program that provides:

  •  A turnkey-managed service responsive for daily staffing needs of 16 sub-assembly lines
  •  A scorecard to measure clearly defined performance objectives
  •  A train-the-trainer model, which relieved supervisors of this burden


The manufacturer’s supervisors were able to solely focus on their own employees and the operation. In addition, Insource delivered these improvements:

  • Headcount reduction of 8 assembly associates due to increased productivity
  • A 22% cost reduction for every engine produced
  • Training by Insource saved an additional $50,000 annually

The Challenge of Including Temp Workers in the Pay-for-Performance eBook

  • Insource Solutions Testimonials

    What they’re saying

    “Insource provides us with the ability to grow assembly capacity through their performance based workforce solution that replicates the processes, controls, and ultimately the performance of our current operation.”

    Plant Manager, Moen Inc.

  • Insource Solutions Testimonials

    What they’re saying

    “Simply put, what separates Insource from the pack is they don’t just talk the talk. They will back up their performance in writing with financial guarantees. They are True Partners.”

    3rd Party Logistics Company President

  • Insource Solutions Testimonials

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    “Insource is truly looked upon as a valuable strategic business partner. We know things will continue to evolve and we know that we can count on Insource to be right there with us.”

    Fortune 500 Distribution Center Manager

  • Testimonials for Insource Solutions

    What they’re saying

    “With Insource, we are able to drive costs savings in excess of 23%. Insource exceeded expectations all around, our customers and I all appreciate the value your services deliver.”

    Textile and Homegoods Director of Distribution